September 27, 2015

Me and My Dog

There is a big dog show twice a year at the Ventura County Fairgrounds just 30 minutes north of where I live. As a non-dog person, I love to watch how people over-extend themselves on their dogs. Here are a few scenes.

For a little music accompaniment go get yourself a copy of Nellie McKay singing “The Dog Song”.














September 5, 2015

Couplet – #1 Hotdog

I’ve been building my portfolio over the past 6-7 years, but have struggled with how to present the work. I do not tackle big projects or causes for various reasons. I could just pull together the “best of” portfolio, but I want a little more than that. So instead, I have create a portfolio of Couplets. A couplet is a pair of lines of metre in poetry usually comprised two lines that rhyme. The word “couplet” comes from the French word meaning “two pieces of iron riveted or hinged together.”

Here I present visual couplets, comprised of two images that are visually hinged together by what I consider to be the core concepts in photography: theme, composition, color, gesture.

Couplet #1 Hotdog

1. Hotdog SM

August 23, 2015

Printer fixed – Photographer’s suicide watch lifted


Thousand Oaks, California

A local photographer narrowly escaped suicide today while building karma with patience wading through southbound traffic from Santa Barbara to Ventura County on a Sunday afternoon. Last Thursday, the printer of a soon to be infamous street photography, to be discovered posthumous when someone digs up her geo-cache hard-drive, suffered the dreaded Epson clogged printhead syndrome, even after printing 3 lovely black and whites. The printer has now apparently been fixed as proved by one test print. This occurred after several attempts at nozzle cleaning and print-head alignment last Thursday left the photographer without a working LK 157 ink cartridge, with a new cartridge being “unrecognized”. The photographer resorted to a round trip ordeal to Samy’s Camera in Santa Barbara to retrieve hard-to-find ink replacement. Although the trip to Santa Barbara was uneventful and the lunch at Los Agaves restaurant (still packed at 2:30) was terrific, the drive home took an unprecedented 2 and 1/2 hours through the back roads and farm lands of Ventura and Simi Valley. Her efforts and patience, building karma, was rewarded with a clean print after 2 additional nozzle cleans and 2 more print-head alignments. The photographer had been heard exclaiming “I’ll kill myself if this doesn’t work” and had been on a suicide watch since Thursday.

Though the prospects look good, the photographer still needs to finish sequencing and printing a portfolio of prints due to be shown on Friday night at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

August 1, 2015

Hey, I’m the Featured Member for August 2015 – Los Angeles Center of Photography

Santa Monica, California

This month I am the featured member in the Member Gallery at the Los Angeles Center of Photography website. My gallery displays a 20-image portfolio of my street work from the past three years. As I choose this set of images, I was looking for those of which I was most proud of with a consistent feel. I was not looking for images from a single place or time, so it is all the more interesting to examine some of the characteristics of this set.

Of the 20 images, 10 are from Los Angeles taken on various trips to Downtown, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills. 5 of these are from a 3-day stretch of intensive shooting downtown that I did earlier this year for a book project with John Free.

Flowers and DogDowntown LA with John Free

2 images are from workshop intensives, with Jay Maisel and Sam Abell. During these workshops, you are challenged each day you to make 5 images for the next day’s workshop critique. These two images mark, for me, a breakthrough in thinking.

New York, NYNew York City with Jay Maisel

Whidbey Island, WAWhidbey Island with Sam Abell

The remaining 8 images are from the various travel trips I have started to do in the last few years. The images are from Havana Cuba, Oaxaca Mexico, Lisbon Portugal, and Dublin Ireland, but none of are particularly “travel” images.

Of the 20 images, all but 1, was taken with a micro-four-thirds mirror less camera as I ditched my dSLR sometime in late 2012.

One of the earliest images in the collection, from 2012, was taken in Beverly Hills. I was out for a couple hour photo walk with a good friend and my husband. It was a nothing special day with a nothing special agenda, but my mind had been freshly implanted with the teachings and matras from Jay Maisel’s: “you are responsible for every millimeter of the frame”, “show me the rip in the fabric”, “light-color-gesture”. This image was my only keeper of the day, but what a keeper it was. It will be a permanent member of my top 20 street photographs.

Beverly Hills, CABeverly Hills with Jerry Weber

The most recent images, one is featured at the top of this page, are from Santa Monica Beach and represents all that I am working to achieve now in my photography: walking into the scene to create deeply layered images capturing the full figure and the context behind while carefully managing the juxtapositions between the image elements.

Enjoy my portfolio gallery at the Los Angeles Center of Photography website. And I can’t help but plug and upcoming guest lecture workshop “Sharpening your Photographic Vision” with Sam Abell. The lecture is Dec 3, 2015with the workshop Dec 4–6, 2015.

July 12, 2015

Wall to Wall People – Working with Complexity


When it comes to my street photography, I am heavily influenced by the work of Alex Webb and David Alan Harvey. Both of these photographers are known for their highly layered complex images with compositions that play with the juxtapositions of near and far subjects. Though these compositions are quite complex, each image is collection of clearly identifiable scenes and interactions, each playing out in their own space within the image.

Here is a set of images from Santa Monica Beach taken during the busy July 4th weekend. The bright sun and harsh light adds to this colorful and active scene. Images were taken with the Olympus OM-D EM-1 and 17mm lens (35mm effect focal) prime lens. Although you may think that with these more complicated the scenes, a zoom lens would help manage what is in the frame, however, I find it easiest when I stick to a fixed focal length and move my feet to find the right location then wait for the moment.







June 21, 2015

Ireland Impressions

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Living in the desert southwest environment of Los Angeles for most of my life, I am fascinated by rain. Please enjoy my Ireland Impressions which chronicle my travels through the country-side and towns across County Mayo and a little bit of Dublin – May 2015.

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