The Creative within Me

My life is taking a turn. A slow, gentle turn. A long, slow, gentle, forgiving, benevolent, lovely turn from being a full-time corporate IT person and part-time photographer, to being a full-time creative. At work I call myself a Computer Scientist, which I am, but which my job is really not. In the best of times, I develop a technical strategy for a particular set of business problems, but then spend a great deal more energy explaining, cajoling, and otherwise convincing others of its merits. I have used this title, because for me, it has resonance and respect.

But no longer do I need the crutch of a chosen title to bolster my self-worth. Soon, very soon now, I will be free from the world of corporate competition that rewards work based on comparison of how much, rather than the excellence of how well. I do not begrudge the corporate world. It has provided me with a stability and financial security which, for whatever irrational need you choose to name, was my existential boogie-man.

Just as the traditional titles for IT professionals never felt right or good, neither do post-career titles. Retirement: “giving up work”. Who said anything about “giving up”. There is no giving up involved. No, this new period is my time of embracing creativity without critic or guardrails.

#digitalart #dailyart #digitaldiary #aiart


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