3 Guys and A Cane – 1st Place Photo Journalism, Ventura County Fair 2010

3 Guys and A Cane

This is my second installment of winners at this years Ventura County Fair.

There are some images which you enter into competitions that you just want to do well and this was one of those. I was so thrilled to see it’s 1st place ribbon.  We had just arrived and I was there with my photo friends talking to the Photography exhibit organizer and when up over her shoulder and saw my picture and the ribbon. The kid in me exclaimed: “Look, there’s my 3 Guys, it won 1st Place!” Street photography is really my passion but it is so challenging and I don’t always get much opportunity to practice. This image is my proudest moment for this years fair.

This image was taken on a Thousand Oaks Photo Group field trip to downtown Los Angeles. A bunch of us were walking out of the wonderful Grand Central Market when we spied these three men on this bench. They were quite nice and just went about their business as we started working on our shots. If you look at many of my shots, I do a lot of straight-on shooting and this one certainly falls into that category. Perhaps this style represents my straight ahead approach to communication. Each of these three men are show equal to the others. They sit on the sidewalk and converse with each other as well as the people who pass. They are probably a fixture on that bench passing their time, keeping up on the news. This is one of those photos that catches the moment that we don’t see as humans. It is a frozen moment, not an awkward one, but one which preserves the conversation into the future.

This was taken in digital color and converted to B&W in Adobe Lightroom. It was some work to dodge and burn to the right contrast and detail preserving the folds in the dark clothing and balancing the bright buildings on the opposite side of the street. A bit of back lighting really helped with the separation of the men and their surroundings.

Yellow Expanse – 1st Place Flowers, Ventura County Fair 2010

Yellow Expanse

I agonized over entering a flower into the Fair competition. Flowers and landscapes are by far the most entered categories (and Sunrise / Sunset I suppose). Also, a couple of years ago I made the now very famous statement to my friends “I don’t do flowers”.

One of my first flowers March 4, 2009. This one taken on January 31, 2010 for a square crop assignment on the Martin Bailey Photography forum.