El Matador Beach – The need for contrast

El Matador BeachEl Matador Beach, Malibu CaliforniaIlford Delta 100, Hasselblad 500 C/M, 80mm T*, D76 1+1

As I work in Medium Format (2-1/4 x 2-1/4 film), I’m looking for simple shapes and compositions. There were some very lovely simple compositions at El Matador this weekend, but they weren’t very effective in B&W. I’ve been thinking about B&W and intellectually understood the need for contrasts, but it wasn’t until I evaluated this image in with my other, simpler, images, that I understood just a little bit better.

Waves #1

Waves #1

Waves #1, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

Finally got to processing some more of my shots from my Santa Barbara and Ventura shoot in late December.

This was the last place we stopped, the beach in Ventura just across from the fairgrounds. The surf was up from a storm off the coast and the wind would just peel water off the top. The constrast in B&W made me go there. Seems I am doing a good 50% of my shots in B&W these days.