My Showing at the 2008 Ventura County Fair

Ventura County is still a big agricultural area and the annual Ventura County Fair reflects that with a lot of very traditional competition categories such as Livestock entries and Home Arts. However, they also have Photography entries. Amateur photographers (that’d be me) are allowed 10 entries with a maximum of 2 entries in any classification.

I, of course, entered the max of 10 entries and my results… 7 out of 10 entries were recognized! I am quite overwhelmed. I saw a lot of entries that received no recognition that were at least as good as mine.

2nd Place – Domestic Animals

Lazy Goat #2
Lazy Goat

3rd Place – Photo Journalism

Hot Dog on a Stick, 1946
Fresh Lemonade - Hot Dog on a Stick, 1946

Honorable Mentions (Various Classifications)

A Game for All
A Game for All

Newsstand on South Broadway
Newsstand on South Broadway

Jeans $9.99
Jeans $9.99

Broadway - Historic LA Theatre District
Historic South Broadway - LA Yesterday Today

First National Bldg, 1927
Asics Wrap - First National Bank, 1927