Curbside Truck Repair

Downtown LA

The thing about downtown LA is the diversity of old and new, opulent and poor. I ran into this guy fixing a new, to him, 1967 Dodge truck parked at the curb on 5th street near Los Angeles street. I was just walking along and I heard loud banging noises which were the result of him working on fixing the door so that it would open all the way. He was so proud of his new truck. I wonder where he will park it.


Capturing the feel – Guadalajara


With my In the Rain eye-candy out of the way, here is a different view of Guadalajara.

Although I spent a fair amount of time walking around the El Centro region of the city, what I saw from the highway is what I’ll remember. Imagine stands where you can buy fruit and roasted chicken at the edge of the main highway into town. This image says it all for me with a family resting under a shed at the edge of the highway as a semi-drives by.