The Beauty of Time

The Beauty of Time
The Beauty of Time by I Nancy, on Flickr

More from the incredible Lower Antelope Canyon just outside of Page Arizona. If you want an ego boost with the opportunity to take many wonderful images, this is the place to visit. There is one simple rule – you will need a sunny day to get the textures and variations of light, however do not include the sky in your shot. This shot (and several others) were done with -1, 0, +1 bracketing HDR. I used a subtle technique, but the HDR is why all the textures and stripes are so visible and how I controlled both the highlights and shadows.

Shifting Sands

Delta Flow, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

Ripples, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

This morning I took a pre-dawn trip to Santa Barbara Stearns warf with a bunch of photog friends. Each of these early morning trips always seem to produce something different. Sometimes there is spectacular fog, clouds, or birds. Today we found low tide and some nice cloud formations. But as the sun rose it skimmed over the roughshod sands recently sculpted by the receding tide. I spent much of the next 30 minutes on my knees in half-wet sand capturing the miniature landscape.

I was tempted to convert these to B&W but the natural lighting created an almost duo-tone effect that adds just the right touch of warm and cool.

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