January 2011 Wallpaper – Because we all need a litte sunshine

Here is January’s 2011 Wallpaper. I chose this image of a mid-summer sunflower because, even in sunny southern California, we all need a little sunshine.

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Sunflower in the Wind

Sunflower in the Wind, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

This week is the first real hot spell of the summer here in southern California and the local Thousand Oaks Photo Group had a prearranged field trip set for a local pick-your-own farm and children’s zoo. There were lots of shots for the taking, but from the beginning I was set of getting some sunflower shots. I hadn’t been into the fields this year, but in past years the farm would have large ranks of sunflowers.

This weekend was right in between sunflower cycles. One double row were still in buds and the other had just a few towering aging flowers left. They were a worn and over seeded, but I found just the right couple of views.

Shot with 70-200mm f/4 @200mm.