Nationalism – a few still lifes from Cuba

A Very Young Fidel

Perhaps it was the toxic and intoxicating effect of the fumes from all the Classic American cars, but it took a few days for me to suddenly realize that I should be looking for signs on nationalism in Cuba. Like most things, once you start looking, it shows up everywhere. Here are a few examples in still life.

Havana Club

New Use for TV

Used Books

Is it a crime?

It seems a damn shame to exaggerate the noise on a Canon 5dMkII, which everybody covets for its high-ISO low noise capabilities. Here I underexposed and then pushed the exposure and contrast in post process.

Here I present Laundry Faucets in Noise
Laundry Faucets in Noise

Laundry Faucets in Noise

Sometimes I’ll just go around the house, crank up the ISO, and do stuff like this. This week my motivation came from two independent sources. 52 Weeks About You was asking for photos related to laundry and a local group of photo heads that I hang with in Thousand Oaks are exploring the idea of breaking the rules.

Salt and Pepper

If you have stopped by my flickr photostream lately, you may have noticed that I am have become entranced with taking camera phone portraits. Well, I am feeling a little guilty about this. So today I mounted my trusty little 35mm on the Canon XT and slung it over my shoulder during the weekend errand run.

The scene that caught my eye was the salt and pepper shakers sitting on the table at the Corner Bakery Deli.

Salt and Pepper, originally uploaded by Introducing Nancy.
Classic B&W, classic 50mm field of view (35mm x 1.6crop = 48mm – close enough), classic play with depth of field.