Portrait Skillz

It is no secret that lately I’ve been taking a lot of camera phone portraits and scenics. I’ve dubbed them Camera Phone Portraits/Scenics – Portraits/Scenics in 2 Mega-Pixels or Less. The theory was that taking these images, with their questionable image quality, would force me to think about the composition that would be needed to carry the story. This is most exemplified with this recent camera phone image.

Leading Lines
Waiting for Godot (Leading Lines)

But how would I measure if this exercise is working?

I recently had a request an opportunity to walk the hallways of my place of work and take casual and semi-candid portraits. Tops, I spent 2 hours over 2 days taking these. There was no setup. For some I carried around a single flash with a bounce card on a light stand adjusted about 7-feet high. The flash was set to ETTL/M, over compensated for the bounce card by 2 stops, and triggered wirelessly with Cactus-brand triggers, a.k.a Poverty Wizards.

Just really a bunch of drive-by shootings where I tried to capture all the whimsy of the camera phone shots, only this time with high-quality glass.

These are some of my favorites – I’m labeling them Portraits in Approximately 8 Mega-Pixels.

Simon and Richard
You Looking Over My Shoulder?
Peeking In
Really Don't Take Him Seriously
Look - Snaggit From My Favorite B-Movie