Penn Cove – Short Study

Penn Cove, Whidbey Island

I was up in Whidbey Island for one brief evening, settling in and warming up for a 5 day master class with Sam Abell. Unfortunately, it was not to be. I was called home early the next morning to attend to a family medical emergency (all are well, albeit with a new pacemaker).

While I was there, I did this short study of views of Penn Cove taken from a walking path parallel to Front Street. The rain had stopped, but the clouds were still heavy. The gray clouds and wild roses set the tone. Working to bring together my ideas for simple landscapes, story telling, and true representations. As I think more and more about working with film (these were not, unfortunately, also captured on film), I think about telling it more like I see it and less like I can process it. It puts an added constraint to find the situation that will shine without dramatic processing. These are processed sparsely and exposed in low key to match the moody sky

Taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 at 25mm (50mm EFL).

Penn Cove, Whidbey Island

Penn Cove, Whidbey Island

Penn Cove, Whidbey Island

Continuing my search for simple


While my outing at Morro Bay provided a nice warm up, today’s trip to the Disney center was just the canvas I needed to continue my search for simple. These are proof images off my Oly OM-D w/40 mm lens (which roughly matches the point-of-view of the Hasselblad 80mm lens). In the field, some of these were shot in B&W (Ilford Delta 100) and others in color (Kodak Ektar 100). I’m very interested to see how they come out. Oh, and by the way, there is almost NO processing of these images except to find the right square crop. I was much more particular about what I shot and how I exposed.






Looking for Simple

Morro Rock

Off and running with my Hasselblad, I’m looking for simple. My time in Morro Bay was far too short and the opportunities were sparse. Although the images I will present here will not win any awards, they are my first steps toward simple. Simple, quiet landscapes. This is why I bought the Hasselblad, to pursue something different from my street scenes.

What do I mean by a quiet landscape – I’m looking for forms and textures. These are not about processing and drama. These are not about big sweeping views. These are simple straight forward views of the quiet world around us. I’m looking to get intimate with this part of my work.

These are proofs which were taken with my Canon 5dmkII. I used the 5d to evaluate composition and exposure.

Montona d'Oro

Morro Bay Hills