The Dead

The Dead
The Dead by I Nancy,on Flickr

I needed dark and moody for this shot and processed it likewise. This was one of the easier poses of the day for me to capture – after all, he was just laying there. Would the photographers of the day be able to get this beautiful depth of field? Thank you to all the camera makers for pushing the technology ahead.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Ready Aim Fire
Ready Aim Fire by I Nancy, on Flickr

This is the third year that I have attended the Civil War Reenactment in Moorpark California. Each year I find it as challenging as the last. First, there is some distance between you and the reenactors. Second, there is always something anachronistic – a watch, ear-plugs, glasses. Finally, there is the fact that these guys are better historians than actors – four guys hanging around a canon laughing just doesn’t emote the right essence of battle.

This year as I was sitting on the battle-lines, I was looking for opportunities that would cover up these kinds of problems. I had a good vantage point to the line of Union soldiers, pre-focused, set the camera to burst, and waited for the signal to fire.

I’m pleased with the graphic design of this one with its strong diagonal black/white balance but also the horizontal texture of the rifles.