Night into Day

Ghosts on the Pier
Exposure: 2 sec (2), Aperture: f/4.5, Focal Length: 42 mm, ISO Speed: 100

Exit - Additional Parking
Exposure: 20 sec (20), Aperture: f/9, Focal Length: 24 mm, ISO Speed: 100

I got an assignment to turn night into day. In the few previous night photos that I have taken, I have intentially worked the exposure to keep the appropriate dark tones avoiding clipping any bright lights. In these images, the intent was to expose long enough to bring out all the fill details.

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1,000 Words

(Well maybe only 100 words)
Reaching yet another milestone in my journey as a published photograher, I will be featured in the 1,000 Words item in the Winter issue of the Broughton Hospitality magazine. In this feature, Suz Broughton features a photo accompanied by a short paragraph written by the photographer. Really they only want 100 words, which is fine by me.

Summer Scenes - Santa Monica Pier

Wednesday July 2nd, 2008 – 6:10 pm, Santa Monica California. Summer warmth, the sun just starting its downward descent. The pier full with summer activity, swimmers and lookers, taking advantage of a long relaxing week heading into the July 4th holiday which this year would land on Friday. Sandals, hats, mats, umbrellas, all available for the unprepared or those just wanting a useful memento. Ice cream, soda, funnel cakes, ready to fill summer stomachs. Instants, 1/160th of a second freeze frame moments, race by. Some uninteresting, many confused, others empty. Bursts of heightened interest go unnoticed. Flashes of brilliance missed. Occasionally, all too seldom, life and the photographer align.

The Border Grill, 1445 4th Street, Santa Monica

The Border Grill, 1445 4th Street, Santa Monica

The Border Grill, chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, is one of my favorite restaurants in the Los Angeles area. On my quest for historic architecture in Santa Monica, I discovered the art-deco beauty of the building that their restaurant inhabits.

Although the sign is new, from 1990, it echos the style of the building on which it sits.

The Border Grill, 1445 4th Street, Santa Monica

The Border Grill, 1445 4th Street, Santa Monica

And a close look up the facade, you can find the detail and beauty of this building.

The Border Grill, 1445 4th Street, Santa Monica

The Border Grill, 1445 4th Street, Santa Monica

I am searching for addition information on the designer and history of this property. Who is JB? If you know, drop me a comment.

Just another beautiful day on Muscle Beach

The Original Muscle Beach, just south of the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California

Dedicated in 1930s and popular through the 1950s. In 1989, Muscle Beach was rededicated by the City of Santa Monica, complete with new equipment.

I remember a picture that my brother took of me and my sister with a very well oiled and well built black man on Muscle Beach in the late 60’s or early 70’s. I wonder what has happened to that image?