Ventilation, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

A quiet weekend has finally arrived where I can spend a little time honing my vision. These few images from a shoot in May at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.

They are processed with LR3 and Silver Effects Pro. I am using Silver Effects Pro more and more and am getting comfortable with the natural looking tonal mappings that it produces. Nothing too fancy on these. Nothing that a darkroom master wouldn’t do. Just some tender caresses as they swish through the digital sauce.

Window Dressing

Window Dressing, originally uploaded by I Nancy.


Arch, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

Shifting Sands

Delta Flow, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

Ripples, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

This morning I took a pre-dawn trip to Santa Barbara Stearns warf with a bunch of photog friends. Each of these early morning trips always seem to produce something different. Sometimes there is spectacular fog, clouds, or birds. Today we found low tide and some nice cloud formations. But as the sun rose it skimmed over the roughshod sands recently sculpted by the receding tide. I spent much of the next 30 minutes on my knees in half-wet sand capturing the miniature landscape.

I was tempted to convert these to B&W but the natural lighting created an almost duo-tone effect that adds just the right touch of warm and cool.

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Dawn Breakers

Dawn Breakers, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

Taken during the same dawn shoot as the Pelican’s Rising, it has taken me a few weeks to find a comfortable crop for this image.

I’ve become a little bit picky about my crop ratios was trying to stick to one of the two following ratios.
2:3 – standard 35mm, printed at 11″x16.5″
7:9 – standard print size of 11″x14″ and pretty close to 4:5

I’ve never really felt all that comfortable with free-crops. I seem to want to crave a balanced ratio, but the set of seascapes I did this day all seem to want a somewhat, but not exaggerated panoramic crop. 1:3 was too drastic and 2:3 included too much height. I was cropping these free but not satisfied. Tonight it dawned on my to try a 1:2 crop and every one of these clicked into place. I am now going to add it to my set of standards.

1:2 – gentle panorama, printed at 7″x14″