The Burren – (Gaelic: Boireann, meaning “great rock”)

Another stop on Day One was The Burren. I had a difficult time understanding the name until Conn told us that it simply meant – Great Rock. 250 square kilometers of granite in County Clare which took time for me grasp how unusual this was for Ireland. Seeing large expanses of rock – white, red or otherwise – is hardly a rare occurrence in the Southwest USA, but in Ireland this area is indeed unusual.

The Beauty of Time

The Beauty of Time
The Beauty of Time by I Nancy, on Flickr

More from the incredible Lower Antelope Canyon just outside of Page Arizona. If you want an ego boost with the opportunity to take many wonderful images, this is the place to visit. There is one simple rule – you will need a sunny day to get the textures and variations of light, however do not include the sky in your shot. This shot (and several others) were done with -1, 0, +1 bracketing HDR. I used a subtle technique, but the HDR is why all the textures and stripes are so visible and how I controlled both the highlights and shadows.

At the Edge

At the Edge
At the Edge by I Nancy, on Flickr

I’ve heard many photographers say that it takes a few weeks to get perspective on their photos after a trip. This is the case with this image of Horseshoe Bend, just south of Page Arizona. The photography at this spot is very predictable and the more traditional view has been taken by many people. While I was there, I remember thinking, “What shall I do that is different”? This image wasn’t one of those that stood out as something I needed to look at when I got back, but today, a few weeks after the trip, it captured my fancy. It  struck me for how different a take it was on the tried and true. You still see the big plateau and the mini-rock slide. You don’t see the 1000 foot drop, but instead the foreground rocks drawing you into the image.

I’m glad I found it.

Solitary Hiker

Solitary Hiker
Solitary Hiker by I Nancy, on Flickr

I’m part way through editing my images from our hike to The Wave. Here is an image of Chick, my husband, sitting nonchalantly at the entrance. More rocks, but this one with some attitude. The human element adds a sense of scale and gives the viewer something to identify with. I’ve also captured four different directions of sandstone caught in four different lighting conditions. This is such an amazing place.

Looking Up – Slot Canyon Abstract

Slot Canyon Abstracts
Slot Canyon Abstracts by I Nancy, on Flickr

It is difficult for me to title these views from Lower Antelope Canyon outside of Page Arizona, but it was not difficult to be inspired to take images in this unusual place. At every step there was a new view to explore. This image is taken looking up past a shelf and into a more sunlit area. Through out the canyon there are areas of small fringed nests. I enjoyed capturing them in the photos to create some additional interest.