Ripples in the Dunes

Ripples in the Dunes
Ripples in the Dunes by I Nancy, on Flickr

I’m beginning to learn the value of time and distance when it comes to evaluating images. This images was shot on my Utah trip taken in late September. The trip was a whirl-wind tour through areas surrounding Page Arizona, Bryce and Zion National Parks. Upon returning, the emotions of the trip were so in grained that it was very difficult to separate them from the value of each image. The day we visited the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, not far from Zion National Park, we had already missed the best morning sun and the temperatures were quickly rising into the 90s. In addition, photographing these dunes meant more slogging through sand, something which we had already had enough of. “Oh goody, more sand!” became our favorite expression.

This image lay victim to my reluctance to revisit these emotions and edit this mid-morning shoot. The sand here is fairly fine and a reddish, orangeish, pinkish color. The sky a deep blue. The clouds were coming in and soon the weather would cool down some and bring a great display of clouds, rain, and hail for our ride home a few days later. It was difficult to bring out the texture of the ripples and still maintain a good handle on the color. Ultimately the B&W allowed me to concentrate on shapes and the bands of textures. I did all my processing with Lightroom and Photoshop layers (levels and contrast), but I’m guessing that this would have been a good candidate for Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Here is a nearby scene in color. I capitalized on the orange and blue to enter this image into the Thousand Oaks Photo Group December Digital Composition Challenge on Complementary Colors. Ultimately I think that the B&W with its diagonals is a more dynamic image. We will see what the judge has to say on Monday night.
Dunes and Sky

Pink Dunes, Blue Sky

Dunes and Sky
Dunes and Sky by I Nancy, on Flickr

It looks like a pleasant day at the Pink Coral Sand Dunes, but it was in the upper 90s and provided us with an opportunity to walk in more sand. The blue and orange/red of the sand did make a fine composition showing off natural complementary colors.