Dodgertown (Isn’t it Laker season?)

Dodgertown Bar

Another from Old Pasadena. Handheld on the XT with a featherlight 35mm lens.

Processed in DxO and Lightroom. Although I do really like DxO its noise reduction and lens correction, I will probably not buy DxO beyond the 14 day trial. 1) it is too expensive for pro-model cameras (my 5D mk II is in the mail) and 2) it renders things slightly red when re-imported back to LR. It is just too hard to deal with a program where the images look different in the program than when they get back to Lightroom. Someone needs to tell DxO that and 3) with the 5D mk II on the way – my noise reduction needs should go down.

Today I’m going to install the Mac version of PTLens for lens distortion. (Just upgraded the iMac to Leopard – a prerequisite). I loved PTLens on the PC, but only recently has it be available for the Mac.