New family

Zaachila, Mexico

I don’t know if it is traditional to be married around Dia de Los Muertos,  but we saw a lot of weddings. It is always tricking “stealing” a photograph from a professional photographer, but I saw this apprehensive little girl and the little details around her as the star of my show.

El Mercado

On my last day in Oaxaca, with Dia de Los Meurtos festivities completed, I took a long walk down to the old train station, now a mixed-use building, and on the way, stopped again at the Mercado. One particular meat stall was bustling with action. It must have been the best meat at the market. Tickets were needed to get your turn in line and sanitary precautions were taken to the utmost.

Here, Take 1 / Take 2.

Meat Market 1

Meat Market 2

The Scent of Wild Marigolds

Oaxacian Tradition

For three nights, the people of Oaxaca congregate and sit with their relatives. Graves are decorated with flowers and candles and often with other biographical items. The city is filled with wild marigolds, or cempaxuchitl. It is their scent that is said to guide the dead back to their loved ones for the Dias de los Meurtos celebrations.