I was there… They felt this…

Lifeguard Wannabees

Santa Monica Lifeguard Tryouts: cleanup after the ocean swim.

I recently attended a lecture by Los Angeles photographer Loren Resnick. During the lecture I took down the some notes of achieving art through the phases of documentation, evocation, and emotional transcendence. As I review my notes, I come to this reconstruction of ideas:

Documentation: capturing what something is

This is the Statue of Liberty.

Evocation: to bring to mind or recollect

This is the best picture of the Statue of Liberty I’ve seen, it reminds me of when I was there.

Emotional Transcendence: To go beyond emotion and recollection, lying beyond the ordinary range of perception.

This image of the Statue or Liberty makes me think about all the immigrants who saw her as they entered the harbor and the excitement and fear they must have been feeling as they started a new chapter in their lives.

In my next note I wrote: “I was there and felt this”.

But this is not correct. I felt this is simply evocation. We need to move beyond I felt this to They felt this. For street photographers, it is about capturing not what the photographer felt, but what the subject felt.

I was there, they felt this