Dad and Mom Visit the Untitled (Gallery)

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Dad captured on the LG Shine 2MP Camera Phone


Mom captured on the G9

This weekend I took my parents down to the Untitled (Gallery) and we spent about a 1/2 hour talking with the owner Matt Chait, who again proved himself a very gracious host. I brought with my both the camphone and the G9, still experimenting with trying to make the G9 interchangeable with cam-phone for comp and spontaneity. Turns out I got two photos I am pleased with. One of my Dad and one of my Mom. One with the cam-phone and one with G9.

More on the processing of the two images

Wish you were here. Can’t wait to get home.

Another installment from the Camera Phone

If you have to visit Atlantic City NJ for something like your spouses 50th high-school reunion, skip the casinos and head to the mainland (that’s what they call it) to stay at the Marriot Seaview Resort and Spa just a bit further north. It’s not that the place was that fantastic, but we were away from the smoke and noise and generally rundown Atlantic City atmosphere. The rooms were nice and quiet and a general family atmosphere. Moreover, you are just minutes from Historic Smithville Village.

Wish you were here.
Marriot Seaview Resort and Spa: Wish you were here

My buddies on flickr have debated the postcardiness the above photo with the most memorable quote: “This is how postcards OUGHT to look but don’t.”

The one below – “Flight mode” on the cam-phone. Nothing more needs to be said.

Can't wait to get hom