Hidden Valley

Oaks on a Hidden Valley Ranch

Oaks on a Hidden Valley Ranch

The back entrance into the Murdoch property
near Lake Sherwood, California


Another gray and foggy day (this is the closest thing to fog in southern California) afforded myself, Hutch, and Ron a chance to do some subdued landscapes.

Mustard Landscape at Corriganville, Simi Valley

Mustard Landscape 1, originally uploaded by Introducing Nancy.

Simi Valley, California

Taken a few weeks ago on another over 90-degree “spring” day. The mustard blooms this year were quite spectacular. For a couple of weeks in may all the hills were aglow with huge patches of yellow. A few weeks later, the mustard is dying and a dryer, browner weed (maybe oats) are drowing out the mustard and the hills are taking on their typical summer brown dotted with green oaks. I think I may be able to get some nice exmples of this from Las Virgines Road.

This landscape was taken at Corriganville Movie Ranch. In 1937, Ray “Crash” Corrigan bought this 2000 arce ranch in Simi Valley, just west of the Santa Suzanna pass, for $11,354. The ranch was used as the setting for the filming of hundreds of movies and T.V. Westerns in the 1940’s and 1950’s including most of the Range Busters and features such as Fort Apache with John Wayne, Columbia’s Jungle Jim series with Johnny Weissmuller and TV shows such as The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin and Sky King.

In 1949, Corrigan opened the property to the public as a western-themed amusement park. In 1966, Corriganville became ‘Hopetown’ when it was purchased by Bob Hope. Some where along the way, all the buildings burnt down. It is now run by the Parks and Recreation District. All the buildings burnt down in a fire

I found this cool looking book on Lulu press Corriganville Movie Ranch by Jerry L Schneider

And this great website all about B-Westerns.