On being open

Today I went shooting on Hollywood Boulevard. As I rode home I was not at all sure that I had written anything worthwhile to my memory card. I doubted. Perhaps I’m not a cut out to be a street photographer. Perhaps I should stick to genres more easily controlled.

After I got home, ate, and showered, and started working through the day’s shots I was able to get a little perspective on what transpired.

My problems stemmed not from technique or composition (though, certainly not all perfect), but rather I had problems seeing and isolating. But by the end of the day, I had decided to concentrate on people in cars and to my surprise, I found many more interesting images after this decision. But Jay (Maisel) whisper’s in my ear “Be Open”. How do I reconcile the words of the master against the difficultly of finding the needle in a haystack of “openness”?

For the last hour or so, I was less open. I was specifically concentrating on people in cars. I had constrained my world but the constraint felt good. The constraint gave me some boundaries within which to explore.With the boundaries in place, I began to relax and and find comfort and find a creativity within the boundaries and starting seeing more and more interesting opportunities.

Being open creates a big world in which to wander and it was too big of a world for me this afternoon.