Through the Hole in the Wall

Through the Hole in the Wall, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

Another HDR at, what I’ll now be referring to as, the graffiti dairy. HDR, in this case, allowed me to correctly balance the bright stuff in the back room with the darker room upfront. It just made all the graffiti in the front room pop out.


The location is an old dairy farm in Ventura County which is now a graffiti magnet for local gangs. It had been rainy and the day was overcast. I went with two other photo buddies. Due to the odd lighting, unique location, and peer pressure, I took all photos on a tripod while bracketing exposures. I never anticipated that I would HDR them, just going for the best exposure that I could.

Right now, I would consider this one of my best photos ever. It is also my first HDR.