Friends: The Olympus OM-D and Me

Getty Villa Scenes

While looking around for a shaft of light, I glanced down and discovered this scene.

Last week, I drafted a post entitled “Holy Camera Batman!”. The draft is brimming with my gushing, over-the-top, emotional reaction to finally receiving my much anticipated Olympus OM-D E-M5. But I did not publish this post. It was too fresh. It was more emotion than substance. I wrote about why I bought the camera and the features that I was attracted to. I was giddy over the autofocus and its 9 frames-per-second frame-rate, but I I hadn’t yet shot a single image outside the 4 walls of my living room. I had no idea if I would like using the camera in real-world situations. Like an immature relationship, the sex was good, but would we be friends?

Today, finally, I was able to use this baby, as it is intended, for a little street photography. Off I went to the Getty Villa art museum, Roman Villa replica, in Malibu California. It was a typical Los Angeles summer day: hot and bright. It would test my vision and my vision would test the camera. What would I shoot? What would I find? Could the camera keep up with my mind and the situations that unfolded? Leaving my trusty Canon 5D Mk II at home, there was no back up. It was the OM-D or bust.

I am happy, giddy, to report that this camera and I will indeed be good friends. The lenses were sharp and the camera functions were compliant. Here is a walk through of my day – the top image was taken from an up-stairs gallery.

I started the day with a warm up exercise on this statue

Getty Villa Statue

But soon moved on to some people when I found this great shaft of light
Getty Villa Scenes

I couldn’t pass up the geometries and colors of this still life
Getty Villa Scenes

And finally ended with this overhead scene from the cafe terrace
Getty Villa Scenes