Dad and Mom Visit the Untitled (Gallery)

In Thought

Dad captured on the LG Shine 2MP Camera Phone


Mom captured on the G9

This weekend I took my parents down to the Untitled (Gallery) and we spent about a 1/2 hour talking with the owner Matt Chait, who again proved himself a very gracious host. I brought with my both the camphone and the G9, still experimenting with trying to make the G9 interchangeable with cam-phone for comp and spontaneity. Turns out I got two photos I am pleased with. One of my Dad and one of my Mom. One with the cam-phone and one with G9.

More on the processing of the two images

Mom and Dad @ Father’s Day Lunch

Mom and Dad @ Father’s Day Lunch
, originally uploaded by Introducing Nancy.

It’s Father’s Day again
I never tire from them, each year something special
His watch collection is large
But today he wears the one engraved “Dad”

Mom and Dad @ Brent’s Deli

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad!

Part of my new project Camera Phone Portraits – Portraits in 2 Mega-Pixels or Less.