Solitary Hiker

Solitary Hiker
Solitary Hiker by I Nancy, on Flickr

I’m part way through editing my images from our hike to The Wave. Here is an image of Chick, my husband, sitting nonchalantly at the entrance. More rocks, but this one with some attitude. The human element adds a sense of scale and gives the viewer something to identify with. I’ve also captured four different directions of sandstone caught in four different lighting conditions. This is such an amazing place.

A Glimpse of The Wave

A Glimpse of the Wave
A Glimpse of the Wave by I Nancy, on Flickr

Our photo trip to Utah centered around a 2.7 mile hike over red slickrock and through sandy canyons to a sandstone structure known as simply as The Wave. A remarkable sight of eroded sandstone like you have never seen before. The day we hiked in the temperatures were in the upper 90’s with not a cloud in the sky. Here is my first post from the day’s shoot. Everyone gets the iconic Wave image, here is a little different view looking up the wave instead of down.