Fallen, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

You may notice that this image post has a little different format than most of my uploads (for example, there is no EXIF data in the border). It was worked up from the jpg in Adobe PSE9 as part of a project I am doing to teach PSE9 to the local camera club members and develop a book called – Realizing your Vision with Adobe PSE9. The main subtext of the book is that you first need to understand what you have in mind for the image – what is the subject, how are you going to make it stand out, why did you take the picture in the first place. Then, you can post-process the image to that vision. I am using PSE9, not because it is my workflow of choice, but because of its accessibility and low cost.

I’m really very happy with the final – probably because it was a matter of deciding not what I wanted to do, but how to do it in PSE.

Oh, and this is a good post for the 4th of July too!

The Dead

The Dead
The Dead by I Nancy,on Flickr

I needed dark and moody for this shot and processed it likewise. This was one of the easier poses of the day for me to capture – after all, he was just laying there. Would the photographers of the day be able to get this beautiful depth of field? Thank you to all the camera makers for pushing the technology ahead.