Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Board of Trade by I Nancy, on Flickr

Although the weather in Chicago on Wednesday was up in the 90’s we arrived to beautiful weather just behind a cold front on Thursday, by Friday it was down right cold and gray. This was a family trip and I knew photography was relegated to whatever I could catch while traveling to something else. I packed light with only the Olympus E-PL2 at its accompanying 20mm and 14-42mm lenses.

This image was taken on the way to Millennium Park. We started way out in the Naperville suburbs, traveled by train into the city, and walked from there. The statue on the top of this building is 3-stories tall and represents Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and grain. I would have loved to walk down this street and get some closeups but we were on our way to a destination. Funny though, I was enjoying the journey.