Different Worlds

Downtown Los Angeles is filled with paradoxes and juxtapositions. Bridal shops and the homeless mix on Broadway.

Globe Theatre [Morosco Theatre], Garland Building, 744 S. Broadway. 1912

I am fascinated by the man standing in the middle of the doorway with the blue jeans and black jacket. Why is he just standing there?

Globe Theatre [Morosco Theatre], Garland Building, 744 S. Broadway. 1912

Opened in 1913 by Oliver Morosco, this theater was Los Angeles’ first dramatic playhouse. In the 1930s the theatre primarily showed newsreels but by 1958 it became a venue for Spanish-language programming. During that period of its history, a Mexican wax museum was opened in the basement. Today the floor from the lobby to the stage has been filled in with concrete to support an indoor swap meet.