Dawn Breakers

Dawn Breakers, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

Taken during the same dawn shoot as the Pelican’s Rising, it has taken me a few weeks to find a comfortable crop for this image.

I’ve become a little bit picky about my crop ratios was trying to stick to one of the two following ratios.
2:3 – standard 35mm, printed at 11″x16.5″
7:9 – standard print size of 11″x14″ and pretty close to 4:5

I’ve never really felt all that comfortable with free-crops. I seem to want to crave a balanced ratio, but the set of seascapes I did this day all seem to want a somewhat, but not exaggerated panoramic crop. 1:3 was too drastic and 2:3 included too much height. I was cropping these free but not satisfied. Tonight it dawned on my to try a 1:2 crop and every one of these clicked into place. I am now going to add it to my set of standards.

1:2 – gentle panorama, printed at 7″x14″