2 Mega-Pixels (or Less)

The Book is out!

2 Mega-Pixels (or Less)

My Adventures with an LG Shine Camera Phone

Vadim @ lunch Dad @ Waiting for a Table
CHIN TO Malibu - PCH

Follow my photographic adventure with the LG Shine (CU720) camera phone. A tidy little 120 page 7 inch x 7 inch book filled with portraits and street scenes. And as the title says… all in 2 Mega-Pixels (or Less)

Book Preview

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Street Portrait Classics the Book

Street Portrait Classics on Blurb

120 Pages of Black and White photographs in the style of the Masters of Photography from the 20th Century. These artists are the Elite of the genre on flickr.com. You can view the entire collection on the flickr group Street Portrait Classics.

Zack Jennings, Ozzie on flickr, graciously organized the flick group Street Portrait Classics to collect just over 100 B&W Street Portraits for publication into a book. The Premium Edition is available in hard cover on blurb.com and will be available in soft cover from Lulu at a later time.

I am honored to be included with my photo Dared to Look Up.
Dared To Look Up