The Puzzle


Here is my second image of Frank Gehry’s Disney Hall in Los Angeles taken on film with a Hasselblad 500 C/M and 80mm Planar lens.

An implication of shooting medium format is that, due to the prohibitive cost of an entry-level medium format digital camera or digital back, I now need to work with film. At first I was intimidated. Although I have blossomed as a photographer using digital, I can also see how it makes us lazy. It has made me lazy in evaluating composition and lazy in evaluating exposure. I shoot, look at the back of the camera, adjust, and shoot again. If I get close, I move on remembering the digital mantra, “I can fix it in post”.

I built my plan to use a digital camera for proofing the exposure and composition before committing an image to film. After reading and re-reading Ansel Adam’s The Negative, I carefully metered the scene both using spot metering and evaluative metering. I was interested in see the difference between what I might set thinking through the Zone system and the evaluative metering the camera would suggest. I also bracketed one stop lighter for fear of losing detail in the shadows, as Mr. Adams so carefully warns.

Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Board of Trade by I Nancy, on Flickr

Although the weather in Chicago on Wednesday was up in the 90’s we arrived to beautiful weather just behind a cold front on Thursday, by Friday it was down right cold and gray. This was a family trip and I knew photography was relegated to whatever I could catch while traveling to something else. I packed light with only the Olympus E-PL2 at its accompanying 20mm and 14-42mm lenses.

This image was taken on the way to Millennium Park. We started way out in the Naperville suburbs, traveled by train into the city, and walked from there. The statue on the top of this building is 3-stories tall and represents Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and grain. I would have loved to walk down this street and get some closeups but we were on our way to a destination. Funny though, I was enjoying the journey.

Lou Ruvo

Lou Ruvo #4
Lou Ruvo #4 by I Nancy, on Flickr

Las Vegas was our first stop on our Utah Trek just less than a month ago and the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health was first photo opportunity. Like the Disney Center in Los Angeles, this Frank Gehry gem is a gift to photographers. We hit our target during the blue hour and shot until it got too dark to shoot any more. I was more than pleasantly surprised to see the stars in my images.

For me, these images demanded a B&W treatment, but I kept one in color to show off the light. View the set.

Lou Ruvo #1
Lou Ruvo #1 by I Nancy, on Flickr


Ventilation, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

A quiet weekend has finally arrived where I can spend a little time honing my vision. These few images from a shoot in May at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.

They are processed with LR3 and Silver Effects Pro. I am using Silver Effects Pro more and more and am getting comfortable with the natural looking tonal mappings that it produces. Nothing too fancy on these. Nothing that a darkroom master wouldn’t do. Just some tender caresses as they swish through the digital sauce.

Window Dressing

Window Dressing, originally uploaded by I Nancy.


Arch, originally uploaded by I Nancy.