Barber Shop – A complicated image

Barber Shop

Just another day at this one-man barber shop in Oaxaca Mexico. Do people really pick their haircuts from a poster?

I will never be accused of making simple photographs. Actually, it is not in my nature to do anything simply. This image flirts with danger, but my eye never leaves the frame.

Shopping for Chickens

Buying Chickens

This scene was at the market in the little town of Metla. Tourists (that included us) head to Metla to visit the ruins but their street market was going strong in preparation for Dia de Los Muertos. We stopped for a little while and gave the town locals a good laugh with our cameras. This woman was the greatest. She had the chicken seller pulling out each bird, upon which she would weight in her arms and then ask seller for a different one. Only the best chicken for Dia de Los Muertos. I’ve made the chicken’s the star.


El Mercado

On my last day in Oaxaca, with Dia de Los Meurtos festivities completed, I took a long walk down to the old train station, now a mixed-use building, and on the way, stopped again at the Mercado. One particular meat stall was bustling with action. It must have been the best meat at the market. Tickets were needed to get your turn in line and sanitary precautions were taken to the utmost.

Here, Take 1 / Take 2.

Meat Market 1

Meat Market 2