Study by I Nancy, on Flickr

Riding on the commuter train in Chicago provided me with so many photo opportunities that I could hardly put the camera down. Of course my hubby’s son thought that I was nuts, being that he rides it every day. When I entered the train I immediately began a process of mental notes. What did it feel like, what did I see?

This car was a double-decker with everything tinged in faded 1970’s kodachrome orange, yellow, and cyan. The upper deck provided views down and across filled with metal bars and orange seat patterns. As the train began to fill my opportunities evolved from simply lines and patterns to incorporating people, first a few and then more as we got nearer to downtown. The patina on the stainless rails provided diffuse reflections of the yellow light and cyan tinged windows. The vision I was forming was to look for interesting views to maximize the framing effects of the bars, the diagonals of the seats below, or the perspective looking down the car. When I peer across the train and spotted this young man studying so intently I began my exploration of the framing I would create. I worked both on the framing and waiting for the right pose and look.

The result here is based on with the strong framing, slight tilt of the papers and lighting hitting his hair and folds of his shirt. The color harmony of yellows and cyans are seen both in the windows and walls as well as reflected in the bars. I dodged down the lettering on his bag – the the facing seat) and brought up the lighting on his face a touch.

Taken with the Olympus E-PL2 and Lumix 20mm pancake lens.

Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Board of Trade by I Nancy, on Flickr

Although the weather in Chicago on Wednesday was up in the 90’s we arrived to beautiful weather just behind a cold front on Thursday, by Friday it was down right cold and gray. This was a family trip and I knew photography was relegated to whatever I could catch while traveling to something else. I packed light with only the Olympus E-PL2 at its accompanying 20mm and 14-42mm lenses.

This image was taken on the way to Millennium Park. We started way out in the Naperville suburbs, traveled by train into the city, and walked from there. The statue on the top of this building is 3-stories tall and represents Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and grain. I would have loved to walk down this street and get some closeups but we were on our way to a destination. Funny though, I was enjoying the journey.

Dinner with Friends

Table Decorations
Table Decorations by I Nancy, on Flickr

I may have been just a little too serious with my posts lately. To be honest, life has been a just a little too serious lately too. This weekend it was time to mix it up with dinner at a local deli with some good friends. These are the kind of friends that not only don’t mind when you pull out your camera during dinner, but they join you.

Here I am playing around with my little Oly PEN E-PL2. The more I use it the more I am loving this little camera. If I wrote gear reviews, you had better believe I’d write one about this camera. I use it with the Lumix 20mm f/1.7 (40mm after crop) and here it is wide open and at ISO 400. Just look at that bokeh! If I have any complaint, it is that the controls are a little too small (and hey, I have small hands) and they are a little too easy to push around. Oly could stand to take a page from the Fuji designers but this camera is a keeper none-the-less.

This week I head for a week vacation visiting family and relatives and while I’d love to plan some serious shooting, I know it is not going to happen. So, for the first time since I started to take my photography really seriously, I’m traveling with just this guy and pretty sure I’m going to be happy as a clam. In addition to family, I’ll be photographing street scenes in Chicago, Washington, and Philly.

Phone Home

Phone Home
Phone Home by I Nancy, on Flickr

I’ve been out twice now with my Olympus PEN E-PL2 micro 4/3rds camera and so far so good. This image is a triptych of 3 pay phones I found while walking around downtown LA. I was working out an “homage” assignment for Martin Bailey Photography and I got the idea to do something in the style of Andy Warhol. What would Warhol have done with a digital camera. Originally this was entered as a quad-polytych, much more a Warhol approach. It was requested, however, that I remove it from the assignment because no “composites” were allowed. As I then prepared the image for other purposes (i.e. the local camera club) I decided that it was stronger as a more traditional triptych. It is a bit of an eye teaser, but these are three separate phones, taken at three separate places.

Do Payphones Still Exist?

Payphones Still Exist
Payphones Still Exist, originally uploaded by I Nancy.

It took a few comments from my friends for me to realize the oddity of this image. “Hey Nancy, did you visit a museum?” No, just street walking with my new Micro 4/3rds friend, the Oly E-Pl2.

Here I was, in not the best neighborhoods in downtown LA, and pay phones, while decorated, seem to be still working and functional.  This phone sits outside the American Hotel and is probably the only phone for many of the residents.

Street Reflection
Street Reflection – American Hotel by I Nancy, on Flickr