Ya Got Trouble – With a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool*

Enough water buffalo for now (there will be more).

After a long, hard, hot, 3-hour trek up, down, and across the hills, valleys, and rice patties in the Sa Pa region in northern Viet Nam, we stopped at a small store for some cold drinks and snacks. We were with our trusty guide, Thao, and Lei Wa, a nice lady from the Red Dao minority who followed us from the start to finish of our trek (more on her later).

After spending some time looking out at the country-side that we had just crossed, two boys came out of the back of the store and started playing pool. I don’t often shoot with a long lens, but given how strenuous our hikes were, I was carrying just one Oly with a 12mm-100mm f/4 (full-frame equivalent of 24mm-200mm) zoom. When I saw the boys playing pool, I didn’t want to perturb the situation, so I used the zoom and bright background to get this image.

*If you don’t recognized the title of this post, it is a song from The Music Man – look it up.

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