Cyclo Driver, Hanoi

Tribes of Vietnam Within The Frame Photographic Adventures September 2019

There are still many of these older men riding their Cyclo’s looking for tourists to shuttle around the city. I guess they are still an effective means of making a little money, but I saw many more that were empty than full. Hanoi is really small enough to explore each neighborhood by foot. Perhaps it is convenient to take a short taxi ride to a different area and then by foot again. It is the photographer’s way, even in the heat.

One night, our group wanted to go to a local Bun Cha restaurant. It was just a few blocks from the hotel, really only a 15 minute walk. Our tour guide company wanted to pick us up in a taxi, escort us to the restaurant, and escort us back home. Perhaps it was just to make some extra money. We happily walked both ways (and the Bun Cha was delicious).

About this image

This image was taken near the Hanoi’s Old Quarter bordering Hoàn Kiếm Lake, which is where I saw most of these cyclos. I was taken to photograph this because of the large gesture of the blue, red, and white shrouding over the front of these buildings. My guess is that it is covering some construction in progress. There were two figures in the door way, having a conversation. I have a series of shots, with different things going on in the scene, but my commitment to tell a story and connect the dots with layers of juxtapositions, I chose this moment with the expressionless cyclo driver passing by the modern mannequins in the background.

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