A little bit of the Pan Ho Valley, Vietnam

I don’t usually share images that haven’t had a final edit, but I have a little downtime and thought you might be interested in the sights of Vietnam. These images were taken in RAW+JPG on my Oly and roughly edited on my iPad with Snapseed.

Welcome to Vietnam. On this trip, my travel mates and I are exploring the minority tribes in the northern areas of Vietnam up near the border with China. There are many different minority peoples and it is easy to get confused with names like Red Dao, Black Dao, Flower Mong, Tay. Each of these people have their own dress and live in different, but overlapping, regions.

This is the Pan Ho valley, and yesterday, we trekked from the bottom of this valley to the top. Our timing for visiting this region has been perfection aligned with the beginning of rice harvest in this area. The scenery is just spectacular.

On this trek, we visited a woman from the Black Dao minority group. The Black Dao chew the bettle-nut leaf which turns their teeth black. This woman invited us in for tea and showed off her very young grand-daughter, only a couple of months old. Because of the rice harvest, Mom was already back in the field. Each family must harvest enough rice for the year, as there is only one crop per year in this area.

On our drive up to this area, we stopped for tea in a small town. Our guide, Thau (pronounced Tao), can make friends with anyone, but the fact that we were carrying some local rice-wine didn’t hurt. This wonderfully vibrant and sassy woman invited us to her home, just a short ways up the road, for some fried fish and to share a drink. She is from the Red Dao group.

I hope you enjoy, and greetings from Vietnam.


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