Take Pictures with People In Them


It has been a while since I have connected with my photography community. I am disenchanted with the business model of social-media, which is now mostly a monopoly, and like the taming of the neutron, is a double edged sword. So instead, I must double-down on my commitment to my newsletters and blog posts.

Today, I have some announcements (ok, promotions) to tell you about.

Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) – STREET WEEK Feb 4th – 10th

I will be speaking at the LACP on Wednesday February 6th at 7pm, as part of STREET WEEK, joining the two other speakers that evening Ibarionex Perello (host of The Candid Frame) and Thomas Michael Alleman. I thrilled to be a part of STREET WEEK  at the Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP). The week is jam packed with opportunities to learn about street photography including 1/2-day workshops, nightly lectures, the LACP Street Shooting Around the World opening reception, and a guest lecture and workshop by Nick Turpin. I also plan to attend Friday Feb 8 @ 7pm: Street Shooting Around the World – Opening Reception and Saturday Feb 9 @ 7pm: Guest lecture by Nick Turpin.

Street Photography Magazine with Bob Peterson

I also want to mention a new interview with Bob Peterson for the December edition of Street Photography Magazine. He was really too kind in his introduction. Interview with Nancy Lehrer – Nancy Lehrer is an exceptional photographer and teacher. Get ready to learn some tips that will change the way you shoot the street.”

Life Happens in Color – A Street Photography Manifesto

If you want to learn more about what drives my photography, you can purchase my book Life Happens in Color – A Street Photography Manifesto on my Blurb bookstore.

My Next Trip

I’m traveling to Morocco later in February, stopping for a day in Paris and another in Barcelona. I’ll again be traveling with Within The Frame Adventures lead by Jeffrey Chapman and Winslow Lockhart. I will be soaking up the culture and looking for story.

My Dad’s Advice about Photography

Finally, like my Dad always told me: “Take pictures with people in them”.


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