The consequences of image making

More than just saying “I was here”, photographs can preserve the memory of those lost, keep close those far away, document a collective, initiate improbably relationships, or simply allow a traveler to remember and share their experiences with others. This small selection of images (some of which I  featured on my instagram and facebook feeds this past week), explores the consequences of image making.

This coming week, I will feature some images of summer.

Japan - Basho's Path November 2016 with Sam Abell and George Nobechi
A tour group, posed on a thick carpet of ginkgo leaves from a 100-year old tree, documents their pilgrimage to an 1,000 year old mountain-temple.  (Japan – Basho’s Path November 2016 with Sam Abell and George Nobechi)
Two families from disparate countries, in an act of kindness, help each other create a memory of their once-in-a-life-time visit to Venice. After just this short interaction, they decide to take a joint family portrait. (Under the Realito Bridge, Venice Italy)
An independent traveler, with nothing but her iPhone, documents the historic stories in the grand murals at the Doge’s palace. (Venice Italy)
Creating a memory of their wedding day and sharing it with the whole community, they pause for a moment, something has caught their attention. (Temple Bar district in Dublin, Ireland

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