My Japan Portfolio – A Story of Printers

Japan - Basho's Path November 2016 with Sam Abell and George Nobechi

There is an old story about how to save money on tripods – buy the best tripod first. I’m beginning to wonder if that same expression applies to printers (except that printer technology changes more over time than tripod technology).

Today I started printing on my 3rd generation of printers. I started out modestly with the over-capable (for the money) 13″ x 19″Canon PixmaPro-9000 MK II. This printer cost me less than $100 dollars with rebates and printed beautiful prints as long as you didn’t push the color gamut too far in the oranges and magentas. I loved this printer until I retuned from a trip to Oaxaca with a bunch of night-time images from the graveyards covered with wild orange marigolds and royal purple bougainvillea. So I upgraded.

My next printer was a bit more of an investment. The Epson13″ x 19″ R3000 costing about $700 (if I remember correctly). This printer was the replacement for the 2880 and the predecessor to the P600 now on the market. I was really impressed with the increased sharpness and broader color gamut. When I purchased this printer the Epson’s were still definitely way better than Canon. Epson’s achilles heel, however, is the issue with clogging and expensive print-heads. In 2016 that all changed.

In 2016 Canon came out with a new line of printers including the 17″ x 22″ capable ImagePROGRAF PRO-1000. Canon needed to prove that this printer could match print quality with the Epson, and if you look at the reviews, it has succeeded indeed.

And so today, I sit here printing my Japan portfolio on my new best friend and falling in love with printing all over again.

Japan - Basho's Path November 2016 with Sam Abell and George Nobechi

2 thoughts on “My Japan Portfolio – A Story of Printers

  1. s2art March 25, 2017 / 6:55 pm

    Hmm? We use Epson printers exclusively at my work, maybe we need to investigate further?

  2. inancy March 25, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    Stuart – it is good to hear from you. If you are having problems with your Epsons – then you should surely look at the Canon. Both are great lines. Living here in Southern California, the dryness and dust was killing mine. Plus, I have a project to provide 6 to 8 images at 16×20, so now I can print myself.

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