A Sweet Moment


My blog has been quiet for some time as I haven’t been photographing much beyond the  Chick’s GBS Adventure images of my husband being treated for and recovering from GBS (still an on-going recovery).

At first I thought I would use this space to do a compositional analysis of some of the images, but I couldn’t do it. It felt too artificial and I just want those images to speak for themselves emotionally.

But today I finally unloaded a card-full of images from about a month ago – a casual trip to LA’s China Town with my husband and friend. Never one to pass up a reflection shot, I captured this sweet moment.

In a few days I leave for a photography trip to Japan. It will be the first time that I leave my husband alone since he became ill in January. Although his recovery is going well and he has caregivers to keep him company during most week days, I will miss him and he will miss me profoundly. Here is a little moment to keep us together.



5 Comments to “A Sweet Moment”

  1. I am so glad things are improving for you and Chick. Have a wonderful time in Japan!

  2. Safe journey’s on your trip Nancy. Glad to see Chic is “out and about” with you again on your weekend adventures.

  3. Safe journey Nancy, and keep up the good work Chick. We are also beginning a new life on Saturday 5th we begin a new
    adventure we begin our journey to start a new life with our Daughter and family in Green Bay, Wisconsin, then I too will begin photography again.

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