Printer fixed – Photographer’s suicide watch lifted


Thousand Oaks, California

A local photographer narrowly escaped suicide today while building karma with patience wading through southbound traffic from Santa Barbara to Ventura County on a Sunday afternoon. Last Thursday, the printer of a soon to be infamous street photography, to be discovered posthumous when someone digs up her geo-cache hard-drive, suffered the dreaded Epson clogged printhead syndrome, even after printing 3 lovely black and whites. The printer has now apparently been fixed as proved by one test print. This occurred after several attempts at nozzle cleaning and print-head alignment last Thursday left the photographer without a working LK 157 ink cartridge, with a new cartridge being “unrecognized”. The photographer resorted to a round trip ordeal to Samy’s Camera in Santa Barbara to retrieve hard-to-find ink replacement. Although the trip to Santa Barbara was uneventful and the lunch at Los Agaves restaurant (still packed at 2:30) was terrific, the drive home took an unprecedented 2 and 1/2 hours through the back roads and farm lands of Ventura and Simi Valley. Her efforts and patience, building karma, was rewarded with a clean print after 2 additional nozzle cleans and 2 more print-head alignments. The photographer had been heard exclaiming “I’ll kill myself if this doesn’t work” and had been on a suicide watch since Thursday.

Though the prospects look good, the photographer still needs to finish sequencing and printing a portfolio of prints due to be shown on Friday night at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.


One Comment to “Printer fixed – Photographer’s suicide watch lifted”

  1. Best to you for your show!

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