Getting the Hasselblad up and running

(This post has been sitting in on my notepad since Friday May 17, but I need to get it out so that I post the follow ups. You wouldn’t want to miss a chapter of this exiting story, would you?)

This weekend (May 18-19) I take my 1971 era Hasselblad 500 C/M – 80mm CF T* lens out for it’s inaugural shoot.

I’ve had a few set backs in getting this kit up and running, which, as I think about it, shouldn’t surprise me. When the camera came, I wanted to make sure I understood how to use it. There are three basics to Hasselblad operations:

1) It doesn’t shoot unless the “dark slide” has been removed.
2) You need to make sure the camera is wound/cocked before you do most stuff (like put the lens on and off).
3) The body red/white indicator and the back red/white indicator should match before you put the back on or off.

The camera is ordered in pieces – a body, a lens, a view finder, a film back (or magazine). Each piece can work, or not. Long story short, I went through two magazines from KEH (both rated E+), both with distinct operational problems and by now it is Friday afternoon and I really want to bring this camera out to Morro Bay this weekend.

I started calling local camera stores. Samy’s Camera in Los Angeles to the rescue. I came in with my camera. Mike, at the repair desk, confirmed that my magazines (film backs) were bad and brought me over to the sales desk where Sean showed me a nearly perfect 1990 magazine. Mike took back to the repair desk and checked it out thoroughly giving it a clean bill of health.

Tonight my Hasselblad is finally loaded with Kodak Ektar 100. I’m ready for some color landscape up in Morro Bay.

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