A Cow in the City


This evening I prepared my prints for the Ventura County Camera Club’s end of year competition. The way this works is that each month (January through November) we enter up-to 3 images for critique and evaluation. A local invited judge will award a “merit” to those images they feel meet their criteria for being an exceptional image. You can enter either prints or images for digital projection. I tend to enter mostly prints. This year I received 18 merits prints and they make up quite a little portfolio. There are color street scenes, street portraits, street still lifes, B&W documentary images from the Salton Sea, one intimate landscape and even a B&W flower macro.

Next year, we will do away with the merit system and the end-of year judging in deference to open dialog. I will not miss the merit system. It turns each meeting into a mini-competition which I feel ultimately stifles creativity.  The image above is NOT in the collection and wasn’t entered this year. This image, instead will go in a collection of three street still lifes showing the place of sculpture within our city and suburban landscape. I love image sequences. Soon I will post the second of the three. The third, is yet to be discovered (but I’m looking).

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