Reflections on Day 1 of the Vancouver Gathering with David DuChemin

Reflections on a Vancouver Street

Day 1 of “The Vancouver” gathering with David DuChemin is complete. A day of lecture and discussion and generosity of time and energy.

Today was deceptive in that I didn’t walk out of day thinking, “Oh boy, that was a lot of information”, but when I look back at my notes, David really covered a lot of ground starting with vision and voice and ending with a couple hours of photo discussion where we are asked to describe a photo and how it is expressed. This is part of David’s Photographically Speaking (PS) methodology of learning to read a photograph.

I really liked the way David expressed his “3 Misunderestimations of the Creative Mind”, a pithy contrast of the importance of work vs inspiration, exploring ideas vs pursuing perfection, and the paralysis of fear vs the results of failure. In each case, it is important not to underestimate the first or overestimate the second. We had a long discussion on exploring ideas and bad ideas. This is right in line with my current exploration of the phrase “fail brilliantly”.

I also have to mention, that the crowd is a really nice group of thoughtful and interesting people.

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