Light and Inspiration at the Santa Barbara Train Station

Looking Into The Sun

I’ve been buying a lot of photo books lately. Not how to or technical, but monographs of street photographers and photojournalists. I’ve been waiting for a copy of Suffering of Light to show up for weeks. My first order was finally canceled when Amazon determined that the book would not ship (and is probably now out of print). However, I was able to get a “new” used copy at a reasonable price and it finally arrived today.

I am a big fan of this style of complex, colorful, but well organized photography. Nothing easy to understand here, instead they are complex poems of life. This is what I am trying to achieve.

As I write this post, I think “how do I dare post my images against Alex Webb”. I think these are good for now, but I still have thousands of images to go.

Riding By

Hanging By The Door


One Comment to “Light and Inspiration at the Santa Barbara Train Station”

  1. Hi Nancy, good work, I love pictures with strong sun light. Alex Webb is certainly one of the best.

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