The Faces of Jay Maisel

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The Faces of Jay Maisel

Who is Jay Maisel:

  • Graduate of Cooper Union College and Yale with degrees in painting but never did a painting after graduating
  • Long career as a commercial photographer
  • 80 years old, 6’ tall, and talks like Marlon Brando with a NY accent
  •   Knows everybody in the photography world
  •  Lives in a 100 year old, 35,000 square foot building “Germania” bank building which encompasses his archives (basement), class room and print studio (1st floor), gallery (2nd floor), work rooms and collections (3rd  & 4th floor), living quarters (5th floor) and roof-top
  •  Collects everything and throws out nothing: full piano sound board and strings, antique cooking stove (converted to gas), barber chair, rocks, takes apart everything, paint chips!
  • “Fuck” is his favorite verb, adverb, adjective, imperative, interjection, and noun.
  •   Extraverted, self-assured, funny, generous, sarcastic, curious about everything, a tinker, proud, and a walking encyclopedia of quotes,
  • Has his methods that he has figured out over the years. They are the only way
    • Where to put your camera in your car when you are driving
    •  The system for catching the water from the leaky steam pipes
    •  Air conditioning system for a 100 year old building
  • Photographer, philosopher, husband, father, and teacher

Curious Jay


3 Comments to “The Faces of Jay Maisel”

  1. A very fine series of informal portraits. Since they all seem to more of less side-lit, you pick one and enter it into this month’s MBP assignment.

  2. The second sentence of my previous post should read: “Since they all seem to more of less side-lit, you should pick one and enter it into this month’s MBP assignment.”

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