Jay Maisel Retrospective – Day 1 Cont… Finding the rip in the fabric

At Katz Deli

We will do a lot of eating on this workshop and on Tuesday night we threaten to rename the workshop – Eat Your Way through New York with Jay Maisel. On Monday afternoon, we have seen just a small slice of Jay but already you are beginning to realize his playful and childlike enthusiasm toward life as he ambles toward the table with his second course and a shit-eating grin – a plate of steak fries. We will see that grin a lot more as the week goes by.

Monday afternoon we shoot. We are all just sitting at lunch, getting to know each other, and he dismisses us to go out and shoot “be back at 3:30”. At 3:30 we head to the backroom and, I figure we will get our first critique – from the 10 images we brought with us. But instead we are treated to a discussion / lecture on Perception followed by another on Light, Gesture, and Color. We now find out about Jay’s stamina. Perhaps he was napping while we were shooting, but we discuss these topics for 3 1/2 hours (without a break). We learn of figure and ground and the interaction of colors and shape. “Everything has gesture” “Gesture trumps graphic” are just two of the phrases we hear. We see slides which show optical illusions with light. He talks of pattern and interruption. We talk about how pattern is very satisfying, but we should look for the interruption. “Find the rip in the fabric”.

At 7pm we are let out again to shoot and to find our way the Balthazar’s – the French Bistro stop on our food tour.

Finding the rip in the fabric

One thought on “Jay Maisel Retrospective – Day 1 Cont… Finding the rip in the fabric

  1. Marian Anslow May 23, 2012 / 7:38 am

    This is so interesting Nancy, I am enjoying your new colorful speech, than you for sharing.

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