Jay Maisel Image Selection – My Best 10

Next Sunday, May 13th, I board a plane for NYC to attend Jay Maisel’s Workshop and I need your feedback.

In the what to bring section of the workshop page, you are instructed, with out much fanfare, as follows:

For the initial critique bring the best (10) examples of your work and be prepared to defend them with your life.

Oh, like this won’t be difficult. I’ve picked 10 images and 16 alternates. I’d like your input on what you think is best. Is there an image in my main selection that you would replace with one from my alternate.

In order to set the stage, here are my thoughts on how I’ve picked my “best (10) examples” of my work.

My photos cover a lot of different subjects – from street to stills and nature – and I have favorites (are favorites and best the same thing? – another topic) in each area. In thinking about what to bring to Jay, I am leaning on one of the reasons why I’m going to this particular workshop in the first place – I want to get feedback on my street photography from a street photographer. So much critique I have available locally are from the perspective of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). These folks are extremely gifted and technically adept, but their goal is to create work that others want to buy.  Work that people use to remember the good times (weddings) and put on the wall to view the worlds beauty (landscapes of far away places in spectacular lighting). My images are not these happy thought images.

The goal of my work is to create work that shows the world from the inside. My images are mostly neither ugly nor seedy, violent nor scary, but they are often intense. I think about my days studying music. If the line called for a crescendo or diminuendo (get louder or get softer), your job as a musician was to ensure that there was no uncertainty about it. I approach my photography the same way. I want to get Jay’s view on exactly these images.

Below are my “best (10) examples” of my work. Here is a link to them and my alternate picks. Please leave me a comment here, on my website guest book, or Facebook (nancy.lehrer) with your feedback. Are there alternate images which you think are “better” and would replace one of my 10 picks?


1. Night at the Pier

2. A Little Night Music

3. Lunchtime Ritual

4. Cake Walk

5. Which Way?

6. Skate Boy

7. Train Breezes

8. Monster Games

9. Night Parking

10. Stop, Go Left

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