All Clear! – Compose and Wait

All Clear!
All Clear! by I Nancy, on Flickr

You find something that catches your interest, but there is not enough there. Look, they are bringing in another loco. “This is interesting“, you think to yourself. You rattle off a few frame with different postures and expressions. He looks and talks into his radio, giving directions to the other engineer. Suddenly you realize that when the loco gets close, it will block the light, well most of the light, it will leave a shaft in between the locos. You watch as the engineer inspects the coupling and rattle off a few frames. You get the feeling that the show is almost over. Have you captured the moment? Focusing again on the engineer, he stands up and turns. He is in the light, your camera is all aimed, your exposure set. He continues his movement and gives the “All Clear” sign and you have got it. Hand, face, light, hose, exposure, dirty glove. You got it all. Compose and wait.


2 Comments to “All Clear! – Compose and Wait”

  1. This photo is awesome!! Love everything about it. Great post!

  2. Looking here and on your flickr site, you have come a long way. Very impressive movement in your art. Keep up the good work!

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